Best Sportsbook Websites In India

Sports betting has become increasingly popular in India over recent years. A large number of online betting sites have come up, catering to the sports gamblers in India. These sites accept the Indian rupees as a currency. This article lists some of the best online sports betting sites available to Indians and others.

Online sports betting continue to grow in popularity in India. The most popular sports in India is cricket and therefore, cricket and horse racing events continue to be the favorite when it comes to online betting. We are listing the best sports betting sites and the reasons why they score over others. This article will help you choose the right online betting site in India.

Best Online Sports Betting Sites

There are too many online betting sites to count, making it impossible for you to try out every single sportsbook on the Internet. This is the reason we have prepared the list of some of the best online betting sites which are trustworthy, safe, and secured.
The best online betting sites are listed below:

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Trusted Sports Betting Sites

Here we list a few things that you should look for in a betting website.

• Type of bets – Is the site offering different types of bets, including live betting? Do they offer you a wide range of sporting events to choose from?
• Trustworthiness – Is the online sports betting site enjoying a good reputation?
• Usability – Is the website easy to use and navigate? Does it load quickly?
• Currencies– Does the site accept multiple currencies? It is one of the primary factors to be considered. Most players prefer a site that accepts the currency used in their country.

Tips to Makes an Ideal Betting Experience

Here are a few things which a good sportsbook must provide to its customers to make online sports betting a pleasant experience.

Customer Service

Online sports betting sites are essentially virtual casinos. At some point or the other, during our online betting, you will encounter problems and require clarification. To sort out such issues, you will need a good range of services, such as FAQs, emails, and live chats.

Any trustworthy sports betting site will always provide a physical address along with contact information on its website. A reputable bookie will allow the customers to raise concerns and answer them within the shortest possible time. Following the social media accounts of the sportsbook can help you know how the company communicates with its customers.

Bonuses And Offers

One of the main incentives which a player looks for while signing up with any online sports gambling site is their deposit bonus. Many sports gambling sites and apps offer a bonus to double your original deposit, making your gambling journey a lot more exciting and thrilling. A good sportsbook will not stop at just offering a deposit bonus, but will go a step further and offer a 100% bonus for a big initial deposit. Now isn’t that really exciting?

In addition to initial deposit offers, some online betting sites offer a variety of bonuses which may also come in the form of free bets to existing members based on loyalty points.

Deposits And Withdrawals

The best online betting sites will offer its customers flexibility and allow a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods such as debit cards, Neteller, Bitcoin, PayPal, and other e-Wallets. Some sports betting websites also give the chance to cancel pending withdrawals.


If an online bookie does not offer decent odds, it is not worth your time and money. While no gambling site will offer the best odds on every market and every game, a good one will certainly provide good odds across a variety of sports.

Betting options

A good mobile betting site will also allow you to bet while on the move and make the process of betting on your mobile easier and enjoyable.
Another important feature of a good sports betting website or app is live betting on a match. These options are what will make your online betting experience truly pleasant and enjoyable.

Ready to bet on Sports?

We have listed above some of the features which a good online bookie should provide. You can also do your research by visiting different sports betting websites to check which one you like the most.
Another way to find out if you should be spending your time and money on a betting site is to get familiar with the layout. The site should have a pleasing layout and not cluttered with graphics that seem out of place. This will make it difficult for you to navigate the site.

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